Ornaments 2019

It was a sunny morning in the middle of a weekday, I was at my office thinking about what I’m going to do that day since it was only a week or so from my last day there. Suddenly a very big news (at least for me) came out from nowhere.   My favorite band, BADBADNOTGOOD aka The Greatest Band That Exist Right Now (at least according to me) announced through Instagram that they are coming again to play for their second ever show in Jakarta! Big hype was running through my body. Panic and excitement feeling suddenly running all over my body.   But there’s a big question when I’m seeing the announcement, it was written that they are going to play on something that I thought the name of a venue called Ornaments. So after going through what I called “excitement attack”, I contacted our editor Nugie and ask where the hell in Jakarta is this “venue” called Ornaments.  

Then bam! Nugie said to me that it’s actually the name of a festival that was going to held by our good lads at Studiorama. And I was like “holy shit, this is it...a festival that we’ve been waiting, festival by those who really know what they’re doing”.   So, once the pre-sale tickets are being sold, without any hesitation, I press the buy button like it was nothing. Well, yeah, compared to other big festivals, Rp300.000 for a music festival was kinda “cheap” in comparison for some people. But no, not for me, I’m that broke, homie.  

Anyhow, the good news didn’t stop there. At the time, rumor has it that finest band from down under, King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard, was also going to play since they are also attending a music fest in Bangkok.   A few weeks after that, it was confirmed. That the boys from Melbourne are going to play at Ornaments. The Ornaments hype was all over everyone, the excitement was that big.   D-Day comes. I cannot think straight that night when I’m on my way to Kuningan City knowing the fact I’m going to see my favorite band playing live.  

Coming kinda late to the venue, like 20.30ish since I still got work to do at the office (hey, man’s gotta pay the bills), I still had the chance to watch These New Puritans’ last 3 songs for their live performance. Though I don’t know that much about them, the Barnett brothers surely did an amazing performance with all the amazing lighting and energy they brought to the crowd.  

After These New Puritans performance, the stage lights went off, and not long after that a silhouette of a bunch of people were showing up. I can’t see their faces but it was clear that they’re setting up instruments and its support system.  

Then there they were, Jazz music starts playing. The first song was one of the greatest jazz piece ever written. It was Naima from John Coltrane covered by the Canadian boys. Though there were no Chester at the bassline, BBNG performance that night WAS AWESOME.   For me that night, the main spotlight was BBNG, but for most of the crowd (including our very own editor Nugie) that were going to Ornaments, it was  KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD. The Aussie lads brought total chaos at the Jakarta stage. Opening their performance with Mars For The Rich, and that first piece complete fucked the barricade, making most of the security team to rush in to help fortify the barricade from the completely bonkers crowd. According to our editor that night was a trip because he got to see his favorite band King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard up close.  

Finishing King Gizzard and The Lizzard Wizard’s set, I continued my journey at Ornaments at the DJ stage. Hearing beats from them boys of False Neutral, Jacatra Audio Sistema, and the man himself Project Pablo kinda gave me the thought that the DJ stage was meant to bring that chill and more calm vibe after seeing the chaos at the main stage.  

Overall, I could see that though the Ornaments Fest was really living up the hype, it is only the beginning. Hopefully there will be more awesome stuff we could see live here in Jakarta next year.   By the way I would like to say a big thanks to the boys at Studiorama for inviting us to this awesome festival. Hope you guys keep doing what you are doing!

Written by Haydr Suhardy
Photos by Haydr SUhardy & Nugie Rian
Posted on - 26-Jan-2021 03:30:12