Homeshake Live In Jakarta 2020

It’s been 2 years after the last Homeshake performance in Jakarta, and since then Peter Sagar’s project has came out with a new album titled “Helium” and it’s an easy listen if you enjoyed his previous album “Fresh Air”. But I digress, the concert is held in none other than the old reliable Rossi Musik in Fatmawati by our good friends over at Noisewhore, but this time they’re doing it solo unlike 2 years ago where they made the show in collaboration with Studiorama.

The opening act of the show was from Strange Fruit, the band headed by Baldi Calvianca delivered a great performance with their electronic touch to alternative rock, and with that they attracted the crowd to the stage after their first tune. They are a tad different in the musical spectrum from Homeshake, but what sets them apart from Homeshake was actually the cherry on top, in a way complementing each other’s performance.

And as Homeshake’s band member started to walk in the venue with Peter Sagar himself followed behind, everyone gathered round to the stage enthusiastically waiting for Peter and his band to start playing. Playing tracks from their new album “Helium” such as my personal favorite “Just Like My” and fan favorites “Khmlwugh” and when they played “Every Single Thing” the crowd went nuts. Though overall it was a great show and all parties involved in making it delivered a great performance, but I have some gripes, it’s small but their gripes nonetheless.

The show was held on a Tuesday evening on February (25/02/2020), and since it was a Tuesday and the bar across the hallway from the venue is closed on Tuesdays, the very small space in front of the venue is packed to the brim of people trying to catch a smoke so there’s that.

And the last one isn’t that big of deal to be completely honest with you, it’s the stage lighting. I found the stage lighting a bit odd which makes documenting it felt a tad awkward. Like I said, my gripes are minor, and overall it was a great show. But sadly, the crowd wasn’t as much as it was back in 2018.

But overall, it was a nice event as usual, something we always expect from Noisewhore.